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The Sayings of Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar Swamigal

1. Although one may be showered upon with love and grace from relatives such as father, siblings and wife – none equals the love and affection from a mother. 2. Forgiving the faults of others is humanity. Forgetting those sinful deeds is godliness and it can be achieved through Bhakti and devotion. 3. Education is related to knowledge. Knowledge is related to body. Body is related to Prana. Prana is related to God. Those who realized god through education are blessed. 4. A scholar seeking knowledge will be humble to everyone as he reaches intellectual maturity. 5. One should have an aim in life. Aimless human is equivalent to that of an animal. 6. Transcending from human nature to divinity should be oneÙs aim. If that is not possible, try at least not to descend to animal nature. 7. Keep wrath (anger, rage, fury) at bay if you would guard yourself. Unchecked wrath kills you. One should not ignore or insult the wise and elderly. 8. One is truly noble, when he is free from arrogance, wrath and pettiness. These cannot be obtained by education alone. 9. Irreverence to the great will lead to endless trouble. 10. Thought and action should be one and the same. Implement your thoughts and words with action. 11. Always think of God. If that is not possible, think of almighty when getting up, eating food and when retiring to bed. 12. Hymns and songs of almighty remove bodily impurities; meditation removes impurities of the mind.

- By Kuzhali Muthu, Chicago.

Tamil Deivam

The language “Tamil” has three syllables and so does the name “Muruga”. The word “Murugu” also means “Beauty” in Tamil. Some of the divine qualities of Lord Muruga, he who bestows all our wishes can be described by the three syllable words such as “Azhagu (Beauty), Anbu (Affection), Arivu (Intelligence), Amaidhi (Calm), Unmai (Truth), Aanmai (Masculine), Thinmai (Endurance) and Viram (Courage). Example for Unmai: Lord MurugaÙs personification with the DevendranÙs daughter Deyvanai on one side and the hunterÙs daughter Valli on the other side is the message to mankind that “All are equal in godÙs creation with no discrimination by birth”. Example for Annmai, Thinmai, Arivu, Viram: When Murugan defeated “Sura-Padhman”, he split the asuraÙs dual self into two creatures diluting his power but granting his wish to be alive. Suran and Padhman were transformed into a Rooster and a Peacock respectively. Lord Muruga gave Rooster a place in his flag and kept the peacock as his vehicle. This act of Murugan teaches mankind to be considerate even to onesÙ enemies. Example for Anbu, Amaidhi: One who surrenders to Lord Muruga with great devotion is sure to be embraced by Him and shown the path to happiness. Arunagirinadhar, Paambanswamigal and Kirubananthavariyar were fortunate to attain eternal bliss through their flawless devotion to Muruga during their lifetime on earth. His compassion and benevolence to mankind has no bounds and is present in abundance that can be compared to steep hills and therefore we seek to Lord Murugan in the hilly regions, Pazhani, Thiruthani, Thiruparankunram and Pazhamudhirsolai. Four of the six abodes of Muruga are situated on a hill.

- written in Tamil by S. Namasivayam, Chennai & Translated by Kuzhali Muthu, Chicago.